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A is for Abigail: An Almanac of Amazing American Women

A is for Abigail: An Almanac of Amazing American Women
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Authors :
  • Lynne Cheney
  • Robin Preiss Glasser

    Catalog:  Book
    Release Date:  16 September, 2003
    Manufacturer:  Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
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  • Soldiers, scientists, performers, writers, entrepreneurs, politicians, quilt makers, pilots... as author Lynne Cheney writes, "America’s amazing women have much to teach our children--and much inspiration to offer us, as well." Coming on the heels of America: A Patriotic Primer (Cheney’s previous collaboration with illustrator Robin Preiss Glasser), A Is for Abigail celebrates the achievements of women in American history, with a special emphasis on the individuals who helped win equal rights for women. As with America, Cheney uses an alphabet book format to introduce hundreds of remarkable real women: "O is for SANDRA DAY O’CONNOR and others who were first." In addition to the first woman Supreme Court Justice, the "O" page includes Wilma Mankiller, first woman chief of the Cherokee Nation; Jeannette Rankin, first female member of Congress; and Nellie Tayloe Ross, first woman governor. Glasser’s playful illustrations are lively and busy, inviting readers to explore Abigail Adams's farm or the crowded city block that houses "V is for VARIETY," with its DNA lab, dance studio, dentist office, and "PERSONS at WORK" sign. Snippets of information about each featured woman give a taste; ideally, readers will seek more in-depth biographies about the historical figures who pique their interests. (Ages 6 to 9) --Emilie Coulter

    For all women young and old
    I bought this book for my daughter, but now that I've really looked at it, I'm buying it for all the terrific women in my life. It is inspiring and the big stage spread in the middle brought tears to my eyes. Really - you MUST take a look at this book for yourself! Run down to the nearest bookstore in your area and buy it for all your female loved ones. They will thank you for it.
    This book will make a difference for young and old alike!
    What an incredible validation of the accomplishments of women to share with our children and grandchildren. Each page is filled with information and illustrations that will encourage young and older women alike. There are hours and hours of entertainment and education between the covers of this book. As adults we will not only be reading these books with our children we will be learning with them, too. Hats off to Lynne Cheney for the inspiration of the subject matter and the desire to bring history to our children in such a beautiful format. Hats off to Robin Preiss Glaser for bringing women's history to life through her illustrations. We need more children's books like this one; written by women of exemplary character, honor and intelligence like Lynne Cheney.
    A is for Another Success
    Lynne Cheney once again has written engagingly about the history of our nation, this time the history of our women. Beginning with Abigail Adams, the book includes everyone from Mia Hamm to Harriet Tubman. Having only twenty-six letters in the alphabet does not stop Mrs. Cheney from schooling girls everywhere about their influential ancestresses: many women are mentioned in side pictures and quotes, and one letter (U is for Us) is devoted to a colorful two-page history of women's progress in every different aspect of life. Robin Priess Glasser's illustrations depict each historic figure in their element. I found this book even better than the last - it mentioned many interesting woman I had never heard of before, and certainly want to learn more about. Mrs. Cheney begins the book with Abigail Adams' famous quote, "....remember the ladies." After this book, I am sure that no one will forget us any time soon.

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