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The Sign of the Beaver

The Sign of the Beaver
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Authors :
  • Elizabeth George Speare

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    Release Date:  01 July, 1994
    Manufacturer:  Yearling Books
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  • When his father returns East to collect the rest of the family, 13-year-old Matt is left alone to guard his family's newly built homestead. One day, Matt is brutally stung when he robs a bee tree for honey. He returns to consciousness to discover that his many stings have been treated by an old Native American and his grandson. Matt offers his only book as thanks, but the old man instead asks Matt to teach his grandson Attean to read. Both boys are suspicious, but Attean comes each day for his lesson. In the mornings, Matt tries to entice Attean with tales from Robinson Crusoe, while in the afternoons, Attean teaches Matt about wilderness survival and Native American culture. The boys become friends in spite of themselves, and their inevitable parting is a moving tribute to the ability of shared experience to overcome prejudice. The Sign of the Beaver was a Newbery Honor Book; author Elizabeth Speare has also won the Newbery Medal twice, for The Witch of Blackbird Pond and The Bronze Bow. (Ages 12 and older) --Richard Farr

    I think this book was great!
    This was a great book! I strongly recommend it for any readers, young or old, who are in for an adventurous tale about a boy and an Indian. The boy, who's name is Matt, is left alone in the wilderness of Maine while his father goes back to Massachussetes for the rest of their family. Matt is left to tend to the corn and the cabin. While doing so, he meets an Indian named Attean. They become good friends. His family is 3 weeks late. He is forced to choose between going with Attean and his tribe or wait for his family. To find out what happens, you'll have to read The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare.
    Best book i've ever read!!!!!!!!
    The book "The Sign of the Beaver" is the best book i've ever read. It is about a boy named Matt who is left alone in the woods waiting for his dad to come with his mother and sister. Over a course of a couple months the boy has a few hardships he had to over come. One of them was when a guy names Ben came and stole his rifle so he had to live off of other sources since he couldn't hunt. After getting tired of fish he decided to try and get honey from a bee hive. he was stung many times. Two indians, Saknis and Attean, found him and took him to his cabin and gave him medicine for a couple days. After Matt was better he made a deal with Saknis to teach Attean to read white mans language. After so many times that Matt and Attean were together they finally became friends and part brothers in time.
    Great book!
    I bought this book to use as part of our home school curriculum, for my son this year. I had to read the book in order to teach it. I was very impressed with the story and I felt it taught many important life lessons. It was a very touching story and I found myself unable to put it down. It's not just a kid book, but a heartwarming story for the whole family. I can't wait for schooling to start on Tuesday. I know my son is going to love this book as much as I did. I am also using the teaching guide for this book, by Teacher Created Materials. I highly recommend using them together if your going to teach the book as part of any curriculum.

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