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Nothing But The Truth: A Documentary Novel

Nothing But The Truth: A Documentary Novel
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Authors :
  • Avi

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    Release Date:  September, 1993
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  • A Great Read
    In the novel, Nothing but the Truth by Avi, Philip Malloy is a student at Harrison High. He can't tryout for the track team, because he gets a D in his English class. Philip Malloy is really upset and he was really looking forward to being on the team, because he gets new shoes and everything. Philip and his father talk with Ted Griffin, who is running for the school board. Mr. Griffin had a reporter, Ms. Stewart, in his house so Ted and Mr. Malloy encourages Philip to tell her what happened. After a few days, the reporter put the news on the front page of the newspaper. Then, Philip's story goes around the school and Dr. Doane, the principal, has no choice but to get involved in the situation. Dr. Doane asks around the school for the truth. What do you think will happen next? Will Philip get to tryout for the team after the news reaches the coach? Or will Philip get in more trouble? I really liked this book and I would recommend it to anyone, because in this book there is dialogue, journal entries, and some memos. For people who haven't read this book, I say you should. Once you read it you will not want to put it down, its that good!
    An Awesome Book!
    I read Nothing But The Truth by Avi. I found the book to be very entertaining and a great example of real life. The book is about a boy named Phillip. During homeroom they play the Star Spangled Banner and Phillip started humming to annoy his teacher. He feels an animosity toward her because he is failing English. Ms. Narwin, who is also Phillip's English teacher, sent him out of homeroom two days in a row. The assistant principal ends up suspending him for being a disturbance in class. His parents think its ridiculous that their son can't participate in a random act of patriotism. The issue becomes nationwide. Reporters start writing biased articles and the story gets totally twisted.

    This book is a great example of how a story can get twisted if everyone doesn't tell the truth, and nothing but the truth. I enjoyed the book a lot. It's written in documentary form with memos, letters, and conversations. I highly recommend this book for 12 year olds and up because of some hard vocabulary. It's a quick and enjoyable read! I hope you will read it soon!

    NoT sO gOoD
    I think that this book has a kind of boring plot. It moved slow and was hard for me to follow. I never thought it would pick up and get to the main idea. I would not recommend this book to anyone.

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