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Amos Fortune: Free Man (Puffin Newbery Library)

Amos Fortune: Free Man (Puffin Newbery Library)
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Authors :
  • Elizabeth Yates
  • Nora S. Unwin

    Catalog:  Book
    Release Date:  May, 1989
    Manufacturer:  Puffin
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  • An All-Time Favorite
    For a good portion of 2002 I have been reading through the Newbery Medal and Honor books. Almost all of those that I have read have been very good, excellent, even outstanding. But Amos Fortune is the cream of the crop! And it's a true story. Elizabeth Yates does a marvelous job of telling the story of Amos, a slave who eventually buys his freedom, as well as freedom for several other slaves. Amos was an amazing man. His courage, determination, and integrity inspired me. I have read hundreds if not thousands of biographies and autobiographies in my life, and Amos Fortune is at the top of my list. Find this book. Read it. Share it with a friend. It may not be for everyone, but it was for me!
    A fantastic book for kids 10 and up, and for adults!!
    I brought this book for my 9 year old who is quite good at reading. I wanted her to learn some history of the slaving times from a different perspective. Amos Fortune is a true story and shows the indominable Christian spirit of this man, and the people who assist him in his life. I read it before I gave it to my daughter and couldn't put it down. It's a fairly short chapter oriented book, a two hour read for most adults. Contains some hard words and some historical events that may need to be explained (but are not overwhelming or offensive) to younger kids.
    Amos Fortune Free Man
    Amos Fortune Free Man by Elisabeth Yates is a very meaningful book, taking the reader on a journy though a slaves life. Though freadom,love,deth and peace it is a wonderful book . Amose Fortune is a very giving ,loving charactor,who always thinks of himself before others, creating a very touching charactor. One of my favorite moments is when the dauter of his master is reading to him and he hears he could be king. That gives him the courge to be part of this new world. If you like historical fiction or books that can move you to tears Amos Fortune Free Man is right for you.

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